Strawberry Cottage Holidays

Covid-19 2020 policy changes

Our industry has been turning itself inside out for the past few weeks trying to come up with policies that will enable our guests to have a fabulous experience, whist providing you with as much protection as possible.

What has become clear is that there is a tightrope to walk between providing a covid-19 free environment and and a comfortable holiday property. If we don’t do anything, we’re at risk of encouraging the spread of the disease once more but if we go too far, our cottages will switch from being enjoyable, chill-out spaces to clinical hospital wards.

Every property owner will have to make their own plans within these parameters and its not easy. We’ve decided to come up with a plan that hopefully walks that tightrope and then be transparent about it. Thus giving you, the opportunity to make your own risk assessment and decide whether this standard is good enough for you and your family.

Our logic being that by the very nature of leaving the safety of your own home and travelling to Cornwall will mean you’re taking risks. You may decide to stop off at a service station en route and visit a supermarket, cafe and theme park when you’re down here. So you will already be taking calculated risks.

We’re also mindful that the current situation is constantly shifting sands, so what you think will work for you now, might not be right in 3 months time. Or there may be another lock-down imposed, which is totally out of yours, or our control. Whilst most insurance companies are refusing to cover for this pandemic any longer, there’s a great company (used a lot by backpackers) called Trailfinders, that’s specifically offering insurance that will cover you. Please see our payment and refund policy for further information a about this and our revised policy during this time.

With that in mind, here are the changes we’ll be making. These plans may change over time as new information comes to light, or new legislation is imposed, so keep an eye on this page for further updates. However, if you’ve already booked with us, I’ll be keeping in regular contact with you.

Cleaning and house preparation policy

We want to give our cleaner as much time as possible to clean our properties. So we’re blocking out a full 24 hour between guests. This will mean our check in and check out days will vary depending on available dates. Please take a look at the booking calendar to see what options are available to you.

Our cleaner will only be cleaning one of our properties per day. This will allow her to clean more deeply and not feel rushed in any way. She will also be doing the following:

Crockery and Cutlery: As much of a set of everything will go through a hot wash and left there, so that you’ll know that these items at least are completely safe to use.

TV: The TV and Remote controls will be cleaned down with anti viral cleaner between every set of guests.

Standard cleaning: Our cleans will be to our normal high standard, with the addition of any hard surfaces being cleaned with an anti-viral cleaner. We will also leave an anti viral spray at the property for your use, should you want to clean any surfaces yourself upon arrival or during your stay. Please make sure you leave this at the property and if you could let us know if its getting low, that would be really helpful.

Books, games and DVD’s: We recognise that it will be impossible to clean every page of every book or every item of a game every week. We did consider removing all these items but felt that this would reduce your holiday experience. So we’ve decided to leave all these items but not have them so easy to access, giving you the option to use them or not and keeping them out of the reach of younger children. Its worth bearing in mind how long Covid-19 can survive on surfaces and at its maximum (which is on plasic), it can only last 72 hours and it will have been at least 24 hours since the last guests were in the property.

Soft Furnishings: Sofas, throws, Quilts and pillows – All scientific evidence thus far is that Covid-19 cannot live on fabric for more than a few hours. Therefore, we’ve decided that we’ll be leaving all soft furnishings in situ and changing regularly but not every week. If you’d like these items removed, we can do so but please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange this with our cleaner.

Bedding: Our duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, bath mats and tea towels are professionally cleaned each week and we have 3 sets of everything. This means that the set on your beds will have been washed 2 weeks prior and the only person who would have touched it within the previous day would be our cleaner. However, as bedding is a really personal thing, here are your options:

  • Have our cleaner make up the beds for you prior to your arrival (this will have been done around 24 hours before you arrive).
  • You can choose to have the bag of laundry left for you to make up the beds yourselves.
  • You can bring your own bedding. We will be able to offer a £30.00 discount if you choose this option. If this is what you’d like to do, please let us know at least a week prior to the start of your holiday.

Further notes on bedding:

  • Please can you strip off the beds, including the mattress protectors and bag up the bedding prior to their departure to protect our cleaner from any potential contact with the virus (shaking down bedding shortly after someone has used it could be potentially a risk).
  • There will be fresh mattress protectors when you arrive and regardless of whether you bring your own bedding or choose to have the beds made up for you, the protectors must be left on the beds at all times during your stay. You’re welcome to put your own protectors over the top of ours if you prefer.

Belt and braces: All soft furnishings will be sprayed down with an anti virus spray (similar to fabreeze but with anti-virus properties). This includes, pillow, cushions, throws, mattresses, sofas and seat covers.

Check-in and check out days

We’ve given our cleaner more time for the extra work she’ll have to do by making sure there’s a minimum of 24 hours between guests.

This means that your choice of check in and check out days may vary depending on what days are available. On the calendar if you see a date in blue, it means it’s available for check in and check out.


  • If you choose to bring your own bedding, there is a discount of £30.00
  • If you don’t want passes to use the park facilities (the bar and restaurant is open to all), or you book with us when these facilities are closed, then there’s also £30.00 discount.

Payment and Refund Policy

Our standard payment and reservation policy will remain:

Deposit: 30% to reserve your booking.

Balance: will be due 8 weeks prior to your holiday date.


Should the government announce another national lock-down that affects your holiday date, any payment made (deposit and balance). You can decide whether to defer your payment towards another week of your choice (subject to availability), up to 15 months from your original holiday date. Or you can request that we refund any payments made to that point.

If you change your mind about taking your booked holiday for any reason: No automatic refunds will be made. However, we understand that especially in the current climate, personal circumstances can change. So we will try to accommodate your situation and will do all we can to re-book your holiday week. If we are able to do so, we’ll refund as much as we can of your payment less any costs incurred by us (advertising, last minute reductions etc). Alternatively, providing you tell us of your change of plan a minimum of 4 weeks before your holiday, you’ll be able to defer 100% of any payments made towards another week of your choice (subject to availability) up to 15 months from your original holiday date.

Covid-19 contraction

Should you suspect you might have contracted or have come into contact with someone who may have been infected with Covid-19 prior to your holiday, you must follow the government guidelines on isolation within your own home. Whilst we will not be able to automatically refund due to you having to self isolate, we will do all we can to re-book your week and if we do so, we will refund your holiday payment, less any additional costs we may have incurred. Therefore, the earlier we are notified the easier this would be.

If you or a member of your family start to show symptoms whilst staying at one of our properties, you must advise us and return home immediately. You will not be able to self isolate at our property. If you do so, for whatever reason, you will be liable for the rental cost for the time you’re at the property and possible compensation to future guests, who’s holiday we will have to cancel.

All that said, the likelihood of the majority of the population contracting this virus is extremely rare, we’ve just tried to take as many precautions as is sensible to protect, you, our cleaner and any future guests.

I hope you find the tweaks to our policy reasonable but please contact us should you have any concerns or questions.

Above all, stay safe and we hope to welcome you and your family to one of our lovely little cottages soon.

Please click here to view our full terms and conditions, which should be read in conjunction with the changes discussed on this page.